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Flora-2  (a.k.a. Ergo Lite) is an advanced object-oriented knowledge representation and reasoning system. It is a dialect of F-logic with numerous extensions, including meta-programming in the style of HiLog, logical updates in the style of Transaction Logic, and defeasible reasoning. Applications include intelligent agents, Semantic Web, knowledge-based networking, ontology management, integration of information, security policy analysis, and more.

Flora-2 comes with comprehensive manuals and a tutorials, which provide an overview of the theoretical foundations as well as the system. The tutorials includes many examples and exercises.


May 18, 2018:  Ergo was featured in a TED talk on rules and law!

March 1, 2018:  Coherent Knowledge is happy to announce the release of Ergo Suite version 1.3 (Zeno). Please see the release notes for the details.

September 8, 2017:  A new maintenance release: Flora-2/Ergo Lite 1.2.1 is here. This release fixes a number of bugs and also packs a few new things thanks to the continuing support from Coherent Knowledge and SRI International. See release notes for the details of the changes. On the Ergo front, expect a final release of version 1.2 soon (with additional data connectors, explanation API, ErgoText, and more). Coherent continues to offer a free 90 day trial license of Ergo Suite as well as a free academic license program for qualifying members of academic institutions, upon application.

June 14, 2017:  Coherent Knowledge has released two tutorials on Ergo, which should be very useful also to Flora-2 users, especially at the beginner level. The Ergo Suite tutorial is a gentle introduction to mostly basic, but also some more advanced, features of Ergo. Much of this material is applicable to Flora-2. The tutorial Capturing Real World Knowledge in Ergo explains the process of development of a knowledge base for a real world domain (the laws from California Driver's Handbook). It also uses only the basic features, and almost all of it applies to Flora-2.

March 28, 2017:  Finally, a new release of Flora-2/Ergo Lite: 1.2 (Monstera deliciosa)! A large number of bugs were fixed in this release and quite a few enhancements added -- many due to the support from Coherent Knowledge and SRI International. See release notes for the details of the changes.
On the Ergo front, its 1.2 release is also imminent, but meanwhile a free 90 day trial version of Ergo Suite 1.2 (Solon) beta is available.

August 9, 2015:  Flora-2 now has a commercial cousin, Ergo Suite from Coherent Knowledge Systems. Compared to Flora-2, Ergo Suite provides more expressiveness, enhanced connectivity, better performance, and enterprise features. See Ergo Suite vs. Flora-2 for more details. This announcement celebrates the release of Flora-2 v.1.1 (Loquat). See release notes for the information on the changes in Loquat. Needless to say, Ergo Lite remains free as in "freedom" and no functionality has been taken away. Although Ergo Suite has much additional functionality, it is syntactically upward compatible with Ergo Lite: Flora-2's rules and queries work the same way when run under Ergo Suite. From now on, Flora-2 will be also officially known as "Ergo Lite" to emphasize both that Flora-2 includes only a subset of Ergo Suite's functionality and also the fact that Flora-2's development is led by the same people that developed Ergo Suite. Coherent Knowledge, ever since its founding, supports the Flora-2 effort and contributes greatly to its ongoing maintenance.

July 1, 2014:  The 1.0 release, at last(!), a Cherimoya delicacy: Version 1.0 (Cherimoya). Several new features and stability improvements, but the most visible change is the cleanup of the syntax. Details in the release notes.

December 15, 2013:  Just in time for the New Year: Version 0.99.5 (Olive Tree). Many exciting enhancements. Details in the release notes.

November 2, 2013:  Another couple of months -- another release: Version 0.99.4 (Kumquat). This release features many bug fixes and a number of new features. Details can be found in the release notes.

July 20, 2013:  Yet another release, Version 0.99.3 (Aronia). The main feature is a switch to a bundled distribution of both Flora-2 and XSB and a super-simple installation procedure, which does not require a separate XSB download. Also includes various bug fixes and some new functionality.

July 1, 2013:  A new release spotted in the wild: Version 0.99.1 (Lotus). Several enhancements, bug fixes, and, notably, simplified installation. As always, details are in the release notes.

May 13, 2013:  After more than 5 years of development under the sponsorship of Vulcan Inc., Flora-2 Version 0.99 (Water Lily) has been released! This release includes many enhancements and extensions, including defeasible rules, user-defined functions, delay quantifiers, rule Ids, and more. Details are in the release notes. The license has also changed from LGPL 2.0 to Apache 2.0.

May 11, 2013:  The CVS repository is now obsolete and is no longer maintained. From now on, all development will be using the SVN repository at Sourceforge.


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