Programming Knowledge with Frames and Logic

About this tutorial

This is a 3-day tutorial with the following approximate schedule. We assume a reasonably good understanding of the Prolog language and some knowledge of Deductive Databases (see preliminary reading below). The tutorial consists of two main parts:

The PowerPoint slides are best viewed using Office XP or later. Although the slides are in Powerpoint, they can be viewed quite well using OpenOffice 2.0 or later.

Part 2 of the tutorial uses a large number of little examples that illustrate various subtle points of Flora-2. These examples are found here; they are referred to on the slides.

The tutorial includes three homeworks and additional "fun" problems. The homeworks are found here.

If you prefer, the entire tutorial can be downloaded in one tar archive, including the slides, exercises, and solutions.

Background reading

Bratko, Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence. Addison-Wesley, 2000.

Ullman, Principles of Database and Knowledge-base Systems, Vol. I. Chapter 3; Vol. II, Chapters 12, 13. W.H. Freeman, 1990.

Further reading

Works mentioned in the tutorial are summarized here.